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What is clinical psychology?

Clinical psychology applies the knowledge we learn from the science of psychology to the wider sector of health care and well-being. In this way we examine the influence of your own behaviour, your thinking or your emotions on your mental, but also your physical health.

When to see a psychologist

The sessions I offer are aimed at giving accessible and problem solving care to people with psychological questions and concerns. The emphasis is on increasing the autonomy and self-reliance of the person in the context in which he or she lives. This care is provided to adolescents, adults or the elderly with mild and moderate to more severe psychological complaints. Everyone is welcome and together we look at what we can do and what is needed to move forward. You can come to me for various questions and concerns such as different forms of addiction, depressive complaints, daily stress, anxiety, difficulties with your baby (crying baby, bad sleeper, situations around parenting, …), overweight (and possibly consider weight-loss operations), ….

The consultation

The first session consists mainly of an intake interview: together we examine your psychological questions and concerns. How many sessions are needed and how much time there is between sessions we determine together.


Reimbursement varies according to the health insurance system and is also often adjusted. I therefore advise you to contact your mutual health insurance company.

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