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Manual examination and treatment of the musculoskeletal system and all tissues in the body. An osteopath treats by means of manipulations, muscle techniques and mobilizations.


The podiatrist investigates and treats problems that manifest themselves or originate from the foot.


A dietician provides tailored nutritional advice and takes your personal situation into account. This can range from dietary advice to more information about healthy eating as in the context of illness or disorders.


Cardiology is the medical discipline specialising in the detection, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of cardiovascular diseases.


The psychologist focuses on providing accessible and problem-solving care to people with questions and concerns. This can be in the form of addictions, anxieties, stress, depressive complaints, obesity and so on.

Discover the PLUS we offer:

A multi-disciplinary approach

Different approaches ensure focused and optimal treatment.

Accessible treatment for all

Children, youths, adults and seniors, as well as athletes of all levels, are welcome for both screenings and treatment.

A calming and relaxing environment

We try to create a pleasant and friendly environment where you feel at home.

Qualitative healthcare

Where you are the centre of attention.

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